Lewis touches on his future, Mixon, Pacman on radio show

Appearing on the NFL No Huddle show today with host Brian Webber and former Cincinnati Bengals defensive backs coach Mark Carrier, Marvin Lewis touched on his future, the team’s decision to draft Joe Mixon and the antics of cornerback Adam Jones.

Carrier brought up the subject of Mixon, the controversial running back the Bengals selected in the second round of the draft

“There’s two people I have high respect for in your organization that I still talk to today,” Carrier said. “Rusty Guy, who is head of security, and Eric Ball, who is part of players programs. I believe if they don’t sign off on this, it doesn’t happen. Knowing those two guys and knowing how well they are and how well of a job they do, if they said hey this is a good kid. He’s worth it. I’m sure you’re good with it.”

Lewis confirmed that he is and said the choice ultimately was team owner and president Mike Brown’s.

“It’s obviously a lot of people that had to make this determination, and ultimately it’s Mike’s call,” he said. “It was something he had decided that we would go ahead and do. It’s done, and Joe had a good (rookie camp) weekend with us a week ago and he will be back working again next week and all the way through the off-season as our rookies join us moving forward now.”

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On the subject of Jones, Lewis said the veteran needs to address the issues with his public persona.

“He’s got to continually work at that, his words,” Lewis said. “He’s a passionate teammate for these guys. A diligent pro. He’s got to just continue to handle himself within the scope of day to day and be a great pro. He’s overcome his background, and it’s a day-to-day process. Most importantly, he’s at the point in his career where these things have to stay pointed towards football.”

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In terms of his own career, Lewis is entering his 15th season. He’s signed through 2017, so if Lewis doesn’t sign an extension before the Sept. 10 opener, it will be the first time since 2010 he’s gone into a season in the final year of contract.

Webber asked Lewis if there is a chance some of the players might wonder about his future?

"Most importantly, what people don't get is in the NFL, the players worry about their future every day," Lewis said. "So there is no parallel with myself and them. And yes I have gone into the last year, three or four times here and that's part of the process. No, they don't have any concern for me.

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“Their concern is themselves and us winning football games,” he continued. “That’s what’s important. As I tell them all the time, if they win then good things will happen for them and that’s the thing that’s most important for an NFL player. Don’t be concerned with the things you can’t control. You just handle your business, take care of your things and great things will happen. That’s the best thing for the players to always understand moving forward. As coaches know, we get into this business all the time and that’s what takes care of it.”

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