Re-live a classic Reds game with Marty and Joe on the radio

If you grew up crowding a radio to listen to games when you couldn't make it to the stadium, or go on the road, during the Big Red Machine's heydays in the 1970s, chances are you're going to love the chance to listen to broadcasts on a YouTube channel titled, "Classic Baseball on the Radio."

SB Nation's Clayton Trutor dug this up and pushed a 1976 matchup between the Reds and Mets via Twitter @ClaytonTrutor:

This is something of a time capsule, with the Reds' classic tandem of Hall of Fame broadcasters Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall doing pre-game, the game and post-game shows.

The Reds blanked the Mets, 4-0, in the game captured here, and went on to sweep the Yankees in the World Series for the second of back-to-back titles.

Brennaman began calling Reds games in 1974, and spent 31 years sharing the booth with Nuxhall before the old left-hander rounded third and headed for home one last time, passing away in 2004.

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