NCAA votes to allow athletes to profit from name, image and likeness

Credit: David Jablonski - Staff Writer

Credit: David Jablonski - Staff Writer

The NCAA Board of Governors voted Tuesday to allow student-athletes to profit from the use of their name, image and likeness.

“Hmmm long overdue,” wrote Wayne grad and former Ohio State quarterback and wide receiver Braxton Miller on Twitter. “Could’ve made M’s in college also.”

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Ohio State University President Michael V. Drake said in a press release the board will direct schools in Divisions I, II and III to “immediately consider updates to relevant bylaws and policies for the 21st century.” New rules must be in place no later than January 2021.

“We must embrace change to provide the best possible experience for college athletes,” Drake said. “Additional flexibility in this area can and must continue to support college sports as a part of higher education. This modernization for the future is a natural extension of the numerous steps NCAA members have taken in recent years to improve support for student-athletes, including full cost of attendance and guaranteed scholarships.”

Among the the recommendations made by the board:

• Student athletes should be “treated similarly to non-athlete students unless a compelling reason exists to differentiate.”

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• Changes should “maintain the priorities of education and the collegiate experience to provide opportunities for student-athlete success,” and “make clear the distinction between collegiate and professional opportunities.”

• There should be no “compensation for athletics performance or participation.”

• Student athletes should not be treated as employees of the university.

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