5 new UD Arena features we’re most looking forward to

The University of Dayton unveiled an extensive plan for upgrading its iconic basketball arena Thursday — so many changes it was hard to keep up with all of them.

Here are our five favorite as the three-phase project gets underway:

1. New seats 

Coach Anthony Grant no doubt wants to make sure they don’t get used much, but comfort is key for fans at any event.

In the near future, everyone in the arena will have a padded seat, though some will continue to be nicer than others.

2. The east side lounge 

One of the most prominent changes will involve opening up one side of the arena with windows and what appears to be a new bar area for fans to hit up for their chosen refreshments.

3. Air conditioning! 

There is no picture to go with this one, so you’ll have to just think back to the last time you were at the arena — and maybe that shirt you sweated through by the end.

4. New center scoreboard and improved wifi 

These are pretty much a must-have for any modern arena when it comes to keeping people informed at a game.

If the scoreboard doesn’t have all the information you want — or you really need to make plans with someone sitting in another section or watching at home — it’s always nice to actually be able to use your smart phone at the game.

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This is one of those things that seems to be tough for any arena to deliver.

Will the new UD be different?

5. Updated restrooms!

No one ever accused us of not being practical..

The university release says the arena restrooms will be upgraded and expanded, and that’s always good news.

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While men will only have a few more options, women are the big winners here as the number of toilets for them will increase by 80 percent. (Men’s increase: five percent.)

Again no pictures here, but that’s probably for the best.

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