Ohio State Buckeyes coach Ryan Day calls for season delay, not cancellation

Ohio State football coach Ryan Day was caught off guard by reports the Big Ten could cancel fall sports.

“We put the schedule out last week and the schedule was designed to have some flexibility in that,” Day said during an appearance on ESPN2.

“Our job is to create the safest environment possible for these young men, present it to them and allow the players and their parents and their coaches to then decide if it’s safe enough. But because this this schedule has provided some flexibility, I think that we need to certainly not cancel the season.”

While the Buckeyes are currently set to start the season Sept. 3 at Illinois, Day pointed out there are already alternate plans that could see the Big Ten begin on Sept. 26 or even the first week of October.

“I think that to (cancel) right now would be a mistake,” he said. “I think we need to take some time to kind of reevaluate some of these issues.”

He spoke after a tumultuous 48 hours that saw numerous ominous reports about the potential for the Big Ten to call off the season.

It was even reported Monday morning such a decision had been made, but subsequent reports refuted that.

Day said he has maintained a constant dialogue with Ohio State director of athletics Gene Smith and acknowledged there are issues to are worked out before the final sign-off on a season can occur.

“Some of it is still learning about how the virus affects young men and the contact tracing, and there’s still things that we need to work through in terms of playing other teams and testing and those type of things,” Day said. “But by pushing back the season, we can still figure out some of those issues. Whether we can play the season or not, I mean that’s up to the players and their parents and coaches in my opinion. But we have to figure out what the safest environment possible is and then present it to them. And for them not to at least get presented exactly what those things are I think would be a mistake.”

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