Ohio State’s investigation of Urban Meyer: Lawyer for Courtney Smith seeks to correct ‘misinformation’

Courtney Smith "is cautiously optimistic" an Ohio State investigation will answer questions about how Urban Meyer handled allegations of domestic violence committed against her by her then-husband, Zach Smith.

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Julia Leveridge, the lawyer for Courtney Smith, expressed that sentiment in a statement Tuesday morning.

"Courtney Smith is currently involved in two legal matters, criminal trespass involving her ex-husband Zach Smith, and a domestic violence civil protection order she has obtained to ensure her ongoing safety. Ms. Smith will have no further comments until these matters have been resolved. Her focus remains on caring for her two small children and continuing her nursing studies.

"As her attorney, I can tell you that Ms. Smith is cautiously optimistic that The Ohio State University's investigative committee will determine if proper reporting protocol was followed upon learning of the ongoing, abuse allegations against Zach Smith. We believe the University must prioritize the safety and well-being of others above all else. 

"While The Ohio State University has never contacted Ms. Smith to discuss these allegations, she will fully cooperate with the university's current investigation." 

Leveridge also sought “to set the record straight in terms of misinformation that has been circulating.”

Per her lawyer, Courtney Smith “has made concerted effort to press charges of domestic abuse against her ex-husband,” and she has never been charged with an OVI or any other criminal offense.

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Leveridge also denied Courtney Smith has been paid for any interviews media interviews she has granted.

“Mrs. Smith is grateful to those who have shown her the support she deserves during this challenging time,” Leveridge said.

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