Question for Bengals fans: Is Pacman slowing down?

If you’ve gone to any of the Bengals’ training camp practices, chances are you’ve zeroed in at least for a while on cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones, and looked for signs that Father Time might be catching up with him.

He’ll turn 34 on Sept. 30, and while that’s not Tom Brady old (the Patriot  will soon turn 40), the quarterback doesn’t have to run around nearly as much as a cornerback.

By at least one metric, Jones hasn’t been showing his age as the graduate of Atlanta’s Westlake High School has been targeted less frequently the past couple seasons, including just once every eight coverage snaps played in 2017.

From the looks of things in camp, Cincinnati fans seem to still be all in on Jones @REALPACMAN24. He was especially popular Sunday.

Fans, what are you expecting out of Pacman this season?

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