Reds beat odds to win one of top picks in MLB Draft Lottery

Credit: David Jablonski

Credit: David Jablonski

The Cincinnati Reds won the No. 2 pick in the 2024 Major League Baseball Draft in the MLB Draft Lottery Tuesday night.

The Reds had the 16th-best record (82-80) in baseball last season. This was the second year of the MLB Draft Lottery. The Reds were one of 18 teams eligible for the lottery and had a 0.9% chance of winning the top pick, which went to the Cleveland Guardians, who had a 2% chance. Cleveland will draft first for the first time in franchise history.

Our goal is to not have a lottery pick again,” Reds president of baseball operations Nick Krall told “We want to continue this momentum and continue to move forward. This is great. I’m really happy for our staff. This is a lot of fun. I just want to keep adding players to our system and keep continuing to progress our big league club.”

The Reds last had a No. 2 pick in 2017 when they drafted Hunter Greene and 2016 when they drafted Nick Senzel.

The Reds had the No. 7 pick last June and picked right-handed pitcher Rhett Lowder, of Wake Forest University.

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