Springfield coach Douglass makes case for public, private state tournaments

Wildcats lose to St. Edward for second straight season

CANTON — Springfield High School football coach Maurice Douglass used the postgame press conference after a 28-14 loss in the Division I state championship game on Friday to make a case for separate private and public state tournaments.

Springfield, a public school, lost to a private school, Lakewood St. Edward, for the second straight year at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. Private schools have won 11 of the last 13 state titles in Division I with Pickerington Central’s championships in 2017 and 2019 being the only exception.

This was St. Edward’s sixth state championship since 2010.

Douglass was asked what the difference was between his program and St. Edward and said, “It’s the fact that they have boys that they can go out and select from from anywhere they want to, and they have the resources to back it up. We’re limited to what there is in Clark County. Everybody can be mad or whatever. It should be private championship, public championship because now you have equal balance. They’ve got a building full of dudes..”

Douglass lamented the fact that his team doesn’t have pop-up tackling dummies to use in practice.

“Please come out to Springfield and look at the stuff that we have to work with,” he said. “You will be amazed that we’ve been here two years in a row. I promise to God if you look at stuff we had to work with, you will surely be amazed at what we are able to accomplish. It just shows you the grit that these guys have. Even if they don’t separate public and private, we’re going to still be back. Our guys grind. That’s all they do.”

Douglass left the press conference by joking about his comments, saying, “I know I’m going to get in trouble for that.”

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