Is Urban Meyer concerned about election dividing his locker room?

An upbeat Urban Meyer met with reporters Monday to talk about Maryland after his Buckeyes throttled Nebraska two days ago.

Even a question about the Presidential election that ends Tuesday couldn’t dampen the Ohio State coach’s mood.

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After first feigning ignorance in regards to just what election a reporter was asking about, Meyer smiled and replied simply, “Beat Maryland.”

But pressed further, the coach confirmed concerns politics could divide the team are valid.

Then he explained a desire to avoid such a development was part of the motivation for holding "Patriot Week" in May. At that time, the team went through numerous activities to learn about the voting process, the history of the Presidency and more.

“We had Patriot Week where I wanted to educate because it’s such a big and such an important day, in all seriousness, for all of us,” Meyer said Monday. “And so we had zero discussion about it now. Beat Maryland. I’m sure the families will have their conversations. I hope our guys vote, and we move forward. That’s why we did that, because I wanted to make sure when they go they educate themselves — not themselves. We educate them on the process, the job responsibility and how to.”

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Although his team is very young, Meyer called the Buckeyes a mature group. And if any sort of rift did occur, he would anticipate being alerted by the members of his staff whose job is to monitor the mood of the team closer than he can as head coach.

“And I listen and I hear, and the heartbeat of our team is very solid right now,” Meyer said. “It’s not always perfect, but it’s very solid.

“But that’s a great question, and am I concerned about it? You’re damn right. That’s when you start having issues, but I also have great trust in the people that I’m listening to.”

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