Top 10 unusual holiday gift ideas for sports fans

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1. Athlete collage t-shirts 2. NFL salt crystal lamp 3. Potty basketball 4. LeBron James ornament 5. Movie character uniforms 6. Team pacifiers 7. Sports-themed yarmulke 8. Glitter stiletto heels with team logos 9. Sandwich press that presses logos 10. NFL team slow cooker

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

There are average sports gifts, like replica jerseys or trading cards. Then there are not-so-average gifts -- like yarmulkes and stiletto heels -- gifts that will make you a hero to the sports fan in your life.

USA TODAY Sports takes a look at 10 unique sports gifts to wrap up this winter.

Athlete collage T-shirts 

► These shirts make a bold statement compared to the typical jersey. Who wouldn't want their favorite athlete's face plastered on a shirt? Via SubliWorks

NFL salt crystal lamp. Because duh. 

► This Kryptonite-looking creation claims to purify the air as it lights up a room, from  Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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Potty basketball

► Mounted to a wall or door, this gift claims that "going to the bathroom will never be the same again" and promotes "becoming the next all-star player while you're using the restroom." (Via Bed, Bath & Beyond)

LeBron James ornament 

► Put the King on your Christmas tree. A bobblehead-looking LBJ ornament ( A&K Sports & Collectibles) stands out among sports-centric ornaments.

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Movie character unis

► Who doesn't love Jimmy Chitwood? "I play, Coach stays. He goes, I go." At  Lids, find jerseys of famous sports movie characters like Happy Gilmore, Patches O'Houlihan from Dodgeball, Chitwood from Hoosiers and Shane Falco from The Replacements. Come to think of it, these are great Halloween gifts, too.

Team pacifiers. Yes, pacifiers

► This would be a fun gift for that pouty fan who is always whining about his team. Or good for a real baby, too. From  Lids.

Sports-themed yarmulke

► Etsy, which specializes in handmade and vintage items, offers perhaps the most diverse assortment of gifts, and Kids Kippot creates impressive  team-themed yarmulkes.

Glitter stiletto heels with team logos

► For those fancy occasions when you still want to support the team. Another Etsy seller,  GandGLab, offers custom heels featuring team logos. And glitter!

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Sandwich logo press 

► How to prove devotion to your team? Brand its logo on your sandwich, panini or waffle, that's how, via Top Notch Gift Shop.

NFL team slow cooker

► Make some chili or queso on game day with your NFL team slow cooker via Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Other gems for the holidays:

► A sports referee apron (via Design Imports) asserts who's in charge in the kitchen.

►  Fatheads — because dorm rooms and man caves need bold decor.

► Duct tape will fix anything, and sports team duct tape will liven up any project, via Duck Brand Duct Tape.

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