Versatile portable battery charger provides on-the-go power

With 20,100 mAh packed inside Zendure’s portable X6 power bank and USB hub, you’ll have all the power on the go for just about every charging gadget.

It has four standard USB ports and a single USB-C, enabling it to charge a smartphone, tablet, earbuds, fitness band, and power a laptop, all at the same time. How long the battery lasts depends on how many devices you charge and for how long; regardless, this power output is really amazing.

In addition to the charging features, X6 has a hub mode. When you have a laptop plugged into the USB-C port for charging, you can plug a device such as a flash drive or memory card into one of the USB-A ports for transferring date. To get in the hub mode, just plug your devices in and double press the power button. When you’re done transferring files, double press the power button to turn it off.

If you hold down the power button for a few seconds, you’ll enter the battery’s X-Charge Mode, enabling the battery to charge an endless amount of low-power devices without running out of power. This includes earbuds, smart watches and other USB powered wearables.

The X6 powered my iPhone Xs in about 90 minutes and my MacBook air in about the same time. Charging time for other devices will vary, but the results will be pleasing. Your devices will also charge safely regardless of short circuit, power surge, overheating, and overcharging with the built in Zendure protection.

The features of the X6 are great even when you consider it only measures 1.8-by-2.7-by-4.8-inches with a 15.5-ounce weight. Charging the pass-through charging battery itself can be done in as little as 3 hours (with a 45W PD charger) one of the best in the industry for sure. A digital LED displays the power level.

Zendure has a special limited edition X6 ($129.99) available for pre-order for Zendure’s 5th year anniversary. It’s decorated with art designed by San Francisco artist APEXER, adapted from his mural on 18th and Guererro Streets in San Francisco. $119.96, available in white or black


When you’re on vacation, I’d guess a notification of a water leak in your house isn’t something you’d cherish but in the long run, getting the early detection will hopefully avoid costly damage, making the annoying notice worth while.

With iHome’s Wi-Fi dual leak sensor (iSB02) any level of handyman can have it installed in minutes to detect a leak right when it starts and send an alert of the problem.

Setup is simple and you won’t need a hub, just the iHome control app (iOS and Android) and your existing Wi-Fi. A pair of AA batteries (included) power the sensor. During the setup you’ll see green and red lights alerting you to the status of the sensor.

You can place the small sensor behind commodes, under sinks or washers, in basements or wherever you feel a potential leak could happen. The probes of the sensor have to be placed faced down and the sensor should not be submerged in water.

Along with notifications, the sensor has a buzzer when liquid is detected. You can also purchase an iHome SmartPlug and combine the devices to have lights or other devices turn on when a leak is sensed.

There are other iHome control products to shore up and secure other aspects of your home and get alerts if something isn’t right.

The Wi-Fi motion sensor (iSB01) does exactly what its name states, it detects motion. With a single button setup and your Wi-Fi, you’ll have remote monitoring with a text that alerts you when motion is detected.

The motion sensor can be connected to SmartPlug and have it work as a night light or just have the plugs turn on a light when you walk in the front door or any room. When motion is detected, the lights will turn on, it’s that easy.

The Wi-Fi door/window sensor has the same features, except it reacts to door or window movement and then sends you the alert.

Many of the iHome control products can also be combined to work with Alexa voice assistant. $29.99 each


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