Cloudy and rainy to start the week ending with sunshine

  • Pleasant and breezy this evening
  • Rain arrives Monday evening
  • Spring-like temperatures continue this week

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Tonight:  A mostly clear and dry night, temperatures linger in the mid 40s.

Monday: There will be a quick increase in cloud coverage throughout the day. Rain showers will arrive in the evening with highs in the low 60s. We will see a breezy day with wind gusts reaching speeds from 25-30mph.

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Tuesday: The day will be windy at times, with scattered rain showers especially early on in the day. Temperature highs will reach up to 60 degrees.

Wednesday: Expect more clouds and rain. We'll see a bit of a breeze throughout the day with highs in the mid 50s.

Thursday: Another cloudy day -- this time a few possible showers. Highs again find themselves in the mid 50s.

Friday: The day will be mostly sunny and warm. Expect to feel some breeze throughout the day with highs reaching into the mid 50s.