Warm, dry Mother's Day weekend

DAYTON —Mother's Day weekend this year will be a reminder that it is still spring. Despite our cool and wet start to May, this weekend will signal the start of a warming trend that lasts into next week.

If you are looking to start work on your garden with your mother on Saturday, temperatures will be right around 70 for the afternoon. Plenty of sunshine means grabbing some sunscreen will be a good idea.

For Sunday, if you will be out with mom early, a light sweater might be needed. Temperatures will start out in the low 50s, but quickly climb. By brunch, most cities will be in the upper 60s and by late afternoon we settled into the middle 70s.

This is often a good weekend to start working on the garden or maybe mow the lawn for your mother. The forecast should cooperate for either.

The rain chance is very low on Saturday and Sunday. An increase in clouds is really all we could see Sunday, and possibly a few sprinkles early.

Recent rain this week should mean yards will be dry by the weekend and the soil should be moist. Tree, grass and weed pollen are all elevated and will likely stay that way through the mild weekend.

Since we will enjoy plenty of dry hours, the mold count will likely drop.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to share your Mother's Day pictures.

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