Will snow arrive in time for Christmas Day in Ohio?



‘Tis the season to not be jolly with snow not expected for most of the Ohio Valley this Christmas.

Most of the United States and Canada will experience near-to-above-normal snow, according to the long-range forecast from the Old Farmer’s Almanac. However, areas such as the Ohio Valley will not be having a white Christmas, but rainy and mild conditions instead.

While most of the Great Lakes region — including Ohio’s neighbor to the north, Michigan — are expected to have snow on the ground Dec. 25, Cleveland only has a 1 in 3 chance.

However, above-normal precipitation and snowfall will be seen overall during the winter season for most of Ohio, according to the Old Famer’s Almanac winter weather forecast.

The snowiest periods will be in late December through mid-January and late January through mid-February for the Ohio Valley, according to the almanac. Christmas week may be mild with rain expected on Dec. 25, but snow’s possible in much of the region that week.

In December, it’s predicted the average for temperatures will be below average at 38 degrees, while precipitation levels are expected to be 2.5 inches above average with 5.5 inches.

The Old Famer’s Almanac said winter will be colder than normal. The coldest spells will occur in late December, early January and late January through mid-February.

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