Flour, sugar, Cheez-its! Celebrate the 100th birthday of the Dayton born cracker with a special-edition cake

The cake is available May 17- 20

This crunchy, cheesy Dayton inspired delight takes the cake.

To celebrate the birthday of the Cheez-It cracker — invented in the Gem City 100 years ago — a limited edition Cheez-Itennial cake has been created for the occasion.

Credit: Tyllie Barbosa Photography LLC

Credit: Tyllie Barbosa Photography LLC

Stephanie Izard, a James Beard Award-winning Chicago chef and Cheez-it super fan, created the birthday cake.

ExploreHappy Birthday Cheez-It! The crispy crackers were invented in Dayton 100 years ago

The Cheez-Itennial Cake is made with an entire box of Cheez-It crackers. Ground Cheez-its make up the batter and a Cheez-it and shortbread crumble is between the layers.

The cake is balanced to salty-sweet perfection with swirls of caramel throughout, hints of strawberry in the icing, and chocolate-covered Cheez-It crackers on top.

Starting today, Monday, May 17, the cake is available nationwide on Goldbelly, an online food marketplace, through May 20.

A limited supply will be released each day and available on a first come-first-serve basis. The cake serves 8 - 10 people and costs $49 (including shipping).

The cracker — square in shape and orange in color — was invented by Dayton’s Green & Green Company in 1921.

Through the decades, the Green & Green Cheez-It brand changed hands numerous times until it was purchased by The Kellogg Company in 2001.

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