Dayton’s non-alcoholic bottle shop receives national shoutout on Thrillist

Just one month after officially opening, The Bottle Shop by Ghostlight has been recognized by a national publication for its part in the rise of non-alcoholic bottle shops.

A Jan. 26 article on Thrillist, a digital food and travel publication headquartered in New York City, featured Ghostlight Coffee’s non-alcoholic bottle shop concept. The article, titled “These Non-Alcoholic Bottle Shops Are Helping Mindful Drinkers Thrive,” highlighted shops across the U.S. that are helping non-drinkers celebrate like everybody else — with a tasty, often bubbly, beverage.

“Shane Anderson decided to dedicate a corner of his coffee shop in Dayton, Ohio to non-alcoholic spirits and officially opened Ghostlight Coffee and Bottle Shop in December,” reads the Thrillist article. “Anderson said he was compelled to open the shop because there are very few spaces in Dayton that cater to people who don’t drink alcohol, despite the growing number of people who choose to abstain.”

The Bottle Shop by Ghostlight, located inside the coffee shop at 1201 Wayne Ave., is the first non-alcoholic bottle shop in Ohio, according to Anderson.

The shop sells spirits, such as gin, whiskey, tequila and rum, all with no alcohol, as well as a mix of pre-mixed cocktails and unique herbal elixirs. Customers can also find a variety of sparkling beverages and “clean’' wines, non-alcoholic craft beer, cocktail syrups, aperitifs, aromatic bitters and more. They are all crafted without alcohol and “open up wonderful tasting experiences for any palate,” according to a news release.

“It’s a growing lifestyle change,” Anderson told Thrillist. “And it’s important for people to have the option to have a social beverage without the effects of alcohol.”

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