Dayton’s only LaRosa’s location announces reopening date as remodeling nears completion

The Dayton area’s first — and now only — LaRosa’s Family Pizzeria location will soon have a fresh look.

The pizzeria, located at 291 E. Alex-Bell Rd. in Centerville, closed its in-person dining earlier this month to undergo major renovations. According to Pete Buscani, executive vice president of marketing for LaRosa’s, the restaurant is targeting the week of Monday, May 24 to reopen.

In the meantime, the Centerville LaRosa’s remains open for curbside pick up and delivery, including its contactless delivery option.

In November last year, LaRosa’s announced the pizza restaurant it operated since 2006 in Englewood would shut down permanently, leaving only the Centerville LaRosa’s pizzeria still operating in the Dayton area for the Cincinnati-based chain.

COVID-19 delayed the project earlier this year. Buscani said it’s still possible for delivery of equipment or building materials to be interrupted and delay the completion of the project.

“While we’ve certainly maintained the building over the past 18 and a half years, this is the first major refresh/remodel,” Buscani said. “· (There will be) a completely new interior design motif we call ‘Fresh.’ It’s overall lighter and brighter, with touches of more vibrant color and contemporary textures and lighting.”

The exterior is also getting a new look, particularly a new color scheme “that reflects many of the same colors guests will see on the inside.”

Once guests are welcomed back inside, they can expect to see a number of changes to their dining experience at LaRosa’s. Changes include a new seating configuration and higher barriers between booths that make standard some of the distancing that LaRosa’s practiced during the pandemic, a new “Buddy Room” that will better accommodate birthday parties, and other events and completely remodeled restrooms.

Behind the scenes, changes that guests might not notice, “but will benefit from,” according to Buscani, include a reconfigured kitchen designed to more effectively serve off-premises businesses, a more streamlined delivery staging area, and an expanded pick-up staging area to serve both guests pick-up and recently added Grub Hub delivery.

Spaces and signage put in place at the start of the pandemic to accommodate curbside delivery has also become a permanent instillation.

“We are so excited to invite our friends from all over Dayton to come visit our new Centerville pizzeria when we reopen our dining room in a few more weeks,” said LaRosa’s CEO Mike LaRosa.

“This remodel will make our dining room even more comfortable and inviting, and changes in the kitchen will help us make our pick up and delivery guests smile, too. We can’t wait!”

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