A perfect Sunday cocktail to enjoy after your spring cleaning is done

Springy fruits inspire this yummy concoction

You know those lazy springtime Sundays? Your housework is done, the sun isn’t quite ready to set, and the scary anticipation of Monday hasn’t set in just yet? Those few blissful moments are the perfect opportunity to truly savor the last moments of your weekend with what else … a cocktail!

That’s just what I did last Sunday after I had spent the day clearing the weeds out of my little yard, folded three loads of laundry and put all my groceries for the week away.

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The first sighting of rhubarb at the grocery store always gets me particularly excited. The bright, beautiful, pink stalks were calling out to me, so I grabbed a few, along with some blackberries. While they would make a delicious pie, I prefer to drink my dessert. So, I made a yummy cocktail made from those two springy fruits and sat out on my patio to enjoy the remains of the day. The next thing I knew, I was waking myself up (very likely) from my own snore. I’m not sure if it was the cocktail or all the hard work I did, but I was lulled into a delightful “Sunday snooze.” Thus, the inspiration for the name of my newest cocktail concoction. Easy enough to make at home, so you should do just that!

If the hardest thing you do all day is make yourself rhubarb simple syrup, then let me tell you something buddy, you’ve got it made. Simply cut the rhubarb up into 1-inch pieces and combine along with half a cup of granulated sugar, half a cup of water and bring to a boil. Once you reach the boil, reduce to a simmer for 20 or so minutes and strain the rhubarb pieces and let cool!

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Follow the recipe below for the perfect springtime cocktail that will be surely be followed up by the most restful Sunday snooze! Cheers!

The Sunday Snooze

2 oz. rye whiskey

¾ oz. rhubarb simple syrup

¾ oz. lemon juice

4 blackberries

5-6 dashes angostura bitters

Preparation: In a cocktail tin, muddle blackberries. Add the remainder of the ingredients over ice. Shake and strain into a Collins glass or coupe. Garnish with a lemon twist, blackberry, or basil leaf. For an added kick, top with ginger beer, or to bring it down a notch, add club soda! Don’t like whiskey? Try it with gin or vodka. Make this cocktail your own! Just be sure to enjoy it responsibly!

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