AmeriHealth Caritas Ohio adds Premier Health to network of providers

AmeriHealth Caritas Ohio, a managed care organization serving Medicaid enrollees, recently added Premier Health to its network of providers, expanding access for approximately 26,000 members in southwest Ohio.

“We are contracted with all the major health systems in and around the Dayton area, including Kettering and Mercy Health,” said Tessie Pollock, director of communications for AmeriHealth Caritas Ohio. “We also provide a robust network of independent and small group practices in the area.”

Premier Health has five hospital sites, seven emergency departments, eight urgent cares, and more than 130 outpatient locations, primary care, and physician offices. Premier Health is also one of the largest employers in the region with more than 11,000 employees in 2022, according to the Ohio Department of Development.

“AmeriHealth Caritas Ohio wants to put wellness in reach for all of our members and help ensure access to nationally-recognized health care in their hometowns is a critical resource in that journey,” said Mark Grippi, CEO and market president of AmeriHealth Caritas Ohio.

AmeriHealth Caritas Ohio started serving members on Feb. 1, 2023 as part of the Next Generation of Ohio’s Medicaid managed care program. It is also part of the AmeriHealth Caritas Family of Companies, Pollock said, providing Medicaid and other services for 40 years in more than 13 states, serving more than 5 million members.

“As part of the Next Generation of Medicaid in Ohio, we are shifting the focus away from the business portion of managed care to better focus on caring for our members,” Grippi said. “We are committed to partnering with our providers to deliver value-based care that helps Ohioans live longer, healthier lives.”

With nearly 100,000 members in the state, AmeriHealth Caritas Ohio has about 26,000 members in the southwest Ohio region and approximately 10,000 members total in Clark, Greene, Miami, and Montgomery counties.

“We have seen a growth in membership in the Dayton area, and our goal is to ensure members can get quality care close to their homes. Having a robust network also helps our members choose providers they prefer,” Pollock said.

AmeriHealth Caritas Ohio also plans to address social determinants of health for their members, such as housing, transportation, safe neighborhoods, education, and food, she said.

“We now know that only 20% of health outcomes are shaped inside the doctor’s office.” Pollock said. “It’s important for AmeriHealth Caritas Ohio to amplify the important work those healthcare professions do by impacting that environment outside the office.”

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