Appliances popular purchase during pandemic

The pandemic has made refrigerators and freezers popular as people stock up on food. Buying major appliances can be overwhelming. An appliance is likely going to be a part of your house for a long time. According to, some home appliance lasts for up to 15 years. Therefore, it’s important to be careful and practical during your home appliance search.

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen appliance or a washer or dryer, it can be hard to know where to start. Not to mention, you have to consider all the new appliance features. Are you looking for a smart appliance? Or, are you looking for an appliance without all of those bells and whistles? How big of an appliance do you need? No matter what you are looking for, it’s important to invest in an appliance that fits your lifestyle.

Better Business Bureau offers these tips to consider when buying appliances:

  • Ask friends and family where they bought appliances.
  • Set a budget. A good appliance is expensive, but it’s an investment. You may want to splurge a little, but don’t exceed your budget.
  • Make a list of qualities and features that are important to you, such as “energy efficient” or “quiet” and compare models based on how well they meet your criteria.
  • Shop around and compare prices. Know you may be able to save by bundling appliances if you’re purchasing more than one.
  • Don’t buy the first item that looks good. Make an informed decision and buy an appliance that fits your lifestyle. If you have a small household, you likely don’t need an extra-large washer and dryer.
  • Look at online reviews. Find a brand with a good reputation so you can ensure you’ll have a reliable appliance.
  • Research an appliance’s energy efficiency.
  • Measure the space where the appliance needs to go in your home. Make sure it will fit, not only there, but also be sure you’ll be able to get it through doorways.
  • Understand the store’s return and cancellation policy.
  • Consider the whole cost, including cost of use, delivery and installation.
  • Ask about price matching if you find an appliance somewhere other than your favorite retailer.
  • Ask if they will haul away the old appliance or if you will be required to remove it before delivery.
  • Be ready to haggle. If something is listed at a certain price that does not necessarily mean you can’t get a better deal.
  • Get the warranty in writing. Know that purchasing extended warranties are not always a good deal for consumers.
  • Remember, buying used appliances can be a great way to cut costs, but you have to shop smart. Consider buying from a used-appliances store that sells refurbished products with warranties.

For more information about buying appliances, visit or call 937-222-5825 or (800) 776-5301. BBB can provide lists of BBB Accredited Businesses in the industry and Business Profiles on businesses you may be considering.