Beavercreek firm tapped for Fuyao’s Michigan plant

A Beavercreek engineering firm that has been involved in the rebuilding of the Moraine Fuyao Glass America plant is planning a mile-long sewer system around that plant and will offer architecture and engineering services for the company’s newly purchased Plymouth, Mich. plant, the company said Friday.

The firm, Woolpert, has also been involved in the building of a Chinese restaurant set to open just outside the Moraine plant as well as an new technology and history exhibit within.


For the sewer, a directional bore method will be used to install underground pipes to have “minimal impact on the surrounding area,” Woolpert said.

“Woolpert’s been a great partner and has helped us maximize our efforts and what we can do inside the building footprint,” Dave Burrows, Fuyao vice president, said in Woolpert’s announcement. “We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Fuyao Global Chairman Cho Tak Wong bought a former GM plant in Moraine in the spring of 2014 for $15 million. Reconstruction of an area covering 1.7 million square feet in and around the plant started that summer for what was to be the world’s largest auto glass production site in the world.

Beavercreek-based Woolpert has 213 employees at its headquarters and 609 total at 24 offices across the country.