Cincinnati Children’s unveils new Centerville facility

When Cincinnati Children’s opens a Centerville location Monday offering subspecialty medical care, it will reduce the travel and wait times for Dayton area patients and their families.

“We’ve served people from this area for a long time, but now they don’t have to travel the same long distances to get the care,” said Dr. Evaline Alessandrini, Cincinnati Children’s chief operating officer, during a dedication of the facility Friday. “In addition, we’ve already seen an incredible response and engagement from patients and families who have not previously had easy access to our care and we’re committed to that easy access to our care.”

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More than 400 appointments were made for the 12,990-square-foot, single-story facility at 6550 Clyo Road, which previously was home to a private medical practice, Alessandrini said.

Cincinnati Children’s said it is investing $9.1 million to open the Centerville location, the medical center’s first building in Montgomery County. It will offer specialized pediatric care, anchored by gastroenterology, neurology, preventive cardiology, urology, genetics, pediatric surgery clinics and outpatient laboratory services, plus ear, nose and throat.

Cincinnati Children’s is entering a market where Dayton Children’s already has more than 20 locations in the Dayton region, offering similar care.

“Part of what is going to be very special about the care that we provide here is that we’ll be able to incorporate different kinds of subspecialty care in the same place, and by doing that decrease the amount of appointments and complexity that many of our children and their families encounter when they’re trying to receive care for their medical conditions,” said Dr. James Greenberg, Cincinnati Children’s co-director of the Perinatal Institute and director of Neonatology.

The facility will have at least a dozen employees on site daily, including physicians and advance practice providers, nurses, medical technicians and assistants, plus support staff, Greenberg said.

“We are so excited,” Centerville Mayor Brooks Compton told the 200 or so people that attended Friday’s dedication ceremony. “When we found out that Cincinnati Children’s was going to locate here in the city of Centerville ... we thought ‘That is absolutely outstanding news’ and we are so honored that you selected Centerville to locate because not just Centerville will be impacted positively, but this entire region will be positively impacted.”

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Hollee Stanton said the Centerville facility is just a 35-minute drive from her Englewood home, instead of a 2-hour drive to Cincinnati for appointments for her 14-year-old son, Gabriel, who has kidney issues and needs a kidney transplant. He also has a tethered cord for his spine, a heart defect, tracheal esophageal fistula and different limb abnormalities.

“One of the biggest reasons we continue our and are so excited about this grand opening is the continuity of care that’s available to us now,” Stanton said. “Our doctors have followed us for 14 years. We’re kind of attached to them ... They’re family and the fact that some of them are going to be traveling all the way up here and see us here provides a level of care that we just can’t express.”

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