Cleveland Clinic-CareSource contract imperiled

One of the state’s largest hospitals is concerned about its contractual relationship with Dayton’s CareSource, the state’s largest Medicaid managed care plan provider.

The Cleveland Clinic has released a statement saying CareSource has notified the clinic that the relationship between the two may end after evidently difficult contract talks.

“Regrettably, we recently received notice from CareSource that they may terminate our relationship,” the clinic said. “CareSource members can still come here for care as they do today.

“In the event this relationship ends, patients may need to select another Medicaid plan to access Cleveland Clinic,” the hospital added. “We will work with CareSource to provide continuity of care for those patients.”

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“We value our long-term relationship with the Cleveland Clinic,” CareSource said in its own statement. “Our hope is that contract negotiations have not ended and we’re open to continued dialogue. We are hopeful for a resolution. If an agreement is not reached our members will receive an extensive list of high quality care options in the Cleveland region.

“We continue to meet and dialogue with the Cleveland Clinic,” the company added. “Our hope is for an agreement and resolution on behalf of CareSource members who receive their quality health care.”

CareSource, a nonprofit Medicaid managed care provider and commercial health insurer, is one of Dayton’s fastest-growing companies. The membership in its health plans has grown to more than 1.5 million.

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