Coffee water? Local company makes brewing better

A local company is changing the way people brew their morning cup of joe.

Third Wave Water, a company based in Cedarville, has created a mineral capsule that perfects the water you use to make your coffee. Miami Valley residents Charles Nick and Taylor Minor have partnered together to create the capsules.

“We fixed one of the biggest issues for coffee by creating a fast and affordable method to get coffee water,” Nick said.

According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the secret to the perfect cup of coffee lies in using quality water. The taste of coffee is impacted by the minerals in the water. Different filtration systems can be expensive, especially for a person who is just brewing their coffee at home.

“That can get really costly,” Minor said.

The mineral capsules are added to distilled water before it’s used to make the coffee.

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Both founders have a passion for coffee that have been turned into businesses. Minor owns Telemetry Coffee in Cedarville at 85 N. Main St. He just rebranded the store from Stoney Creek Coffee a few months back. The business has a full laboratory, where the partners produce the capsules.

According to the National Coffee Association, consumers spent $74 billion on coffee in 2015, and the total economic impact the coffee industry was $225 billion that same year.

Nick is the founder and owner of The Wright Cup, a Dayton-based startup that mails craft coffee samples to your front door. The startup boxes and delivers samples of coffee from Ohio roasters. The roasters hail from cities like Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland and even Newport, Ky.

He said the Third Wave Water pairs well with his other business The Wright Cup, because it helps customers brew the right way.

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The two have submitted a patent for the capsules a few weeks ago, and Third Wave Water is now mailing the products to clients internationally.

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