Commission OKs ED/GE grants for 400+ jobs

Montgomery County commissioners Tuesday approved tax incentives for a series of proposed business expansions, including a new hoped-for distribution operation in the city of Dayton.

That possible Dayton expansion is code-named “Project Nemo,” and the city will receive $300,000 in county ED/GE — Economic Development and Government Equity — funds on behalf of an unnamed company that wants to build a 50,000-square-foot processing and distribution center.

Dayton hopes this company will create 50 new jobs. Funds will be used to build the facility.

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In all, the projects represent more than 400 newly created jobs, according to cities who applied for the funds on behalf of the businesses.

Last week, a committee of local administrators and elected officials also recommended $300,000 for a similarly code-named project in Union, where a confidential company is considering construction of a 500,000-square-foot distribution center built to house 186 new jobs.

Developers have code-named that project “Project Scooter. Two county commissioners Tuesday approved that and the committee’s other recommendations. (Commissioner Debbie Lieberman was absent.)

“We had eight great projects from throughout the county, and they were in a variety of different industries, from logistics to manufacturing to industrial services,” Erik Collins, Montgomery County development director, told commissioners Tuesday.

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“ED/GE continues to make a difference in allowing Montgomery County to compete within the state but also nationally and even internationally,” Collins added.

Vandalia had a pair of projects at stake: Project Zeppelin, which was approved for $210,000, and “Project Ocean,” which was approved for $72,083.

“Project Zeppelin” represents another anonymous company, this one considering construction of a 19,300-square-foot expansion to an existing manufacturing facility in Vandalia. The company projects the expansion will create 25 jobs while protecting 45 existing jobs.

Behind “Project Ocean” is another confidential company. The business is considering construction of a 25,000-square-foot expansion to another existing manufacturing site, where Vandalia hopes the project will create 25 new jobs and retain 93 jobs.

Reliable Electric in Centerville was approved for $22,061 to create 21 new jobs and retain 80 jobs.

In Huber Heights, the committee recommended — and commissioners Tuesday approved — $150,000 for Quality Quartz Engineering, a manufacturer of quartz products used in semiconductors and fiber-optic components.

That company wants to build a 100,000-square-foot facility in a project leaders in Huber Heights hope will create 30 jobs and retain 83 current jobs.

Also approved was $37,500 for Gem City Tire in Harrison Township. The commercial tire dealer projects the expansion will create 12 new jobs and retain 166 jobs in a sprinkler system upgrade.

Countywide sales tax proceeds fund ED/GE grants, in part. The funds also come from shared increased tax revenues.

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