Gas prices could rise due to Trump’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

UPDATED @ 6:35 p.m.:

Gas prices could spike now that President Trump announced withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

“It a double negative to not have the deal and also have those prices go up,” said Tom Tudar of Dayton.

Analysts say the move could remove a million barrels of oil a day from the global supply, according to News Center 7's Rachel Murray.

Right now, the lowest gas prices in the Miami Valley can be found at a few stations in Springfield at $2.46 a gallon.

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Many motorists in the U.S. are already paying three dollars or more for a gallon of gas, but the Miami Valley might be spared from hitting that benchmark.

Right now, the national average price of $2.81 a gallon is 45 cents higher than a year ago, and prices are expected to increase, according to AAA.

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Motorists on the west coast and Idaho, Utah, and Pennsylvania are already paying three dollars a gallon for regular unleaded, with California drivers paying the highest amount, $3.63.

The current average for the Dayton Metro area for regular gas is $2.61 up from $2.14 a year ago, and up four cents from last month, according to AAA stats.

News Center 7 consumer reporter Rachel Murray will talk to a local AAA expert to find out why gas prices are rising and whether we can expect them to level off or decrease any time soon.

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