This week in deals: Extra 30% off at JCPenney and more

First off, Happy Halloween!  Whether you are trick or treating or going to a costume party this evening, party it up and be somebody else for one day only.  

That being said and done, let's get to business.  While I don't want put a damper on the festivities for today, it will be over at the strike of midnight and that means we gotta get our holiday game faces on.  Today marks the start of all the parties, dinners and gifts that are soon to follow.  Let the fun begin!

In honor of the holiday season, I've got 5 of the best deals that will help you with your holiday efforts from hosting a party to buying the "perfect" gift for your friend, or better yet, a gift for yourself (why not?).

Deal #1: With age, I've began to enjoy the pleasures of department stores.  With 2 kids that are sometimes not in the best of moods and still having to go shopping for various reasons, being able to find everything in one store is a mother's blessing.  Right now, JCPenney has a coupon for an extra 30% off the lowest marked clearance prices.  With already low and affordable prices, this coupon will save you up to 86% on your purchase.  Expires 11/03/2012.

Deal #2: Are you thinking about sending out those holiday cards?  Well, use this coupon from Staples Copy & Print for 40% off holiday cards.  Whenever someone sends me a card, I love the feeling of seeing a card in my mailbox and opening it up, there's something special and magical about it.  While an Ecard can be a nice casual way of sending out your holiday message, it's not as personable as a hard copy.  Expires 11/03/2012.

Deal #3: 
If you're lost on what to give as gifts during this holiday season, try something different.  Create something just for your gift recipient.  Ink Garden has a coupon for 50% off your first order.  I recently gave my friend an early Christmas gift and bought her a stainless steel mug with a picture of something really special to her.  She was in love with it.  Expires 12/31/2012.

Deal #4: 
Speaking of the holidays and hosting a party, this is the one time of the year that my husband actually cleans our home.  We get to take out our faux tree, lights, nutcrackers, stockings and more.  If you want to take your holiday decor up a notch this year, Horchow has a huge discount for up to 30% off their entire site.  Expires 11/08/2012.

Deal #5: 
When the calendar shows that it's November 1st, I become a "serious" shopper with a mission.  It's finally game time for me and this is when my deal hunting skills are tested.  My gift list begins with my immediate family and more specifically my 2 little girls.  They both want toys, of course.  Toys R Us has a printable coupon for a free $10 gift card when you purchase $75 or more in stores.  The gift card is great to use towards other gifts you have on your list.  Expires 11/09/2012.

With Thanksgiving a few weeks away and Christmas right after, start your holiday planning now and you'll thank yourself later.  Take advantage of all the current deals that are going on because many merchants are encouraging early shopping by offering incredible discounts and coupons.  Let the holiday fun begin and oh yeah, Happy Halloween!