Coronavirus: Navistar to suspend production in Springfield for two weeks

Navistar has suspended production at its Springfield plant for two weeks as the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted its supply chain, according to company representatives.

The company was originally planning a down week on the main line at its Springfield location that would have been this week. It was originally due to a lack of medium-duty truck orders, according to a February bulletin from UAW Local 402. That union represents assembly production workers as well as those in skilled trades at the Springfield plant.

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However, Navistar has decided to temporarily suspend all production at the facility due to the evolving COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, pandemic, according to a news release from the company.

Navistar’s Springfield plant assembles medium-duty commercial trucks as well as cutaway vans for General Motors.

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GM confirmed last week that it would begin a systematic orderly suspension of manufacturing operations in North America. That decision is due to market conditions and to deep its clean facilities, according to information provided by the United Auto Workers union. The suspension is slated to last at least until Monday, March 30.