Dayton Chamber exec participates in White House summit

A Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce executive too part this week in a first White House summit on the issue of paid family leave and child-care affordability.

Stephanie Keinath, the chamber’s public policy and economic development director, attended on behalf of the chamber.

“We were honored to be among the few leaders on this topic invited to provide a voice for our business leaders,” said Chris Kershner, the chamber’s executive vice president. “It’s important we ensure employees have access to child care, and that the voice of business is heard in the White House. Our chamber strives to provide that voice on behalf of our members.”

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The chamber described the summit, hosted by the Office of Economic Initiatives, as “an opportunity for national leaders to release their principles on childcare reform based on the lessons learned from childcare roundtables that were held across the country earlier this year.”

Both Ivanka Trump and President Trump were part of this week’s summit conversations, the chamber said.

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