Dayton Marriott meeting to display UDRI prototype

A prototype of a special gas storage tank designed by the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) and DuPont will be on display at the Dayton Marriott next week.

An early version of the compressed gas storage tank will be at the hotel during a national gathering of the Institute for Advanced Composite Manufacturing Innovation, also known as “IACMI.”

NEW RESEARCH'Lighter but stronger than steel'

UDRI has been a lead participant in the gas tank research project. First announced in 2015, the idea is to create affordable composite natural-gas vehicle fuel tanks, in an initiative first proposed by then-President Barack Obama in Tennessee that year.

The work got underway in February this year, involving not just UDRI and DuPont, but a team including the Composite Prototyping Center and Steelhead Composites, among others.

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Nearly three hundred leaders in advanced composite manufacturing representing academia, government and industry from across the United States are expected to gather at the Marriott on the University of Dayton campus on Wednesday and Thursday for the meeting.

Expected to attend will be officials from the American Composites Manufacturers Association, DuPont, Ford, Composite Prototyping Center and others

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In 2016, for the first time in its history, UDRI said it had surpassed more than $100 million in sponsored research and development in a year’s time.

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