Did COVID affect your job in health care? We want to hear from you

The COVID-19 pandemic put stress on health care workers, leading to workforce shortages, as well as burnout and exhaustion for workers who stayed within the field.

Three years since pandemic hit, the health care industry is continuing to face a staffing shortage. If you are or were a health care worker, this newspaper wants to hear your story.

Many hospitals reported critical staffing shortages over the course of the pandemic, particularly when case numbers were high. During the Omicron surge in January and February 2022, ASPE said the 7-day average of hospitals reporting critical staffing shortages peaked at 22% during mid-January 2022. A shortage in the health care workforce is also being forecast to continue for over the next decade. The Association of American Medical Colleges projected a shortage of between 37,800 and 124,000 physicians by 2034.

Did you experience or initiate a change in your health care profession because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Please fill out this form or email Sam Wildow at samantha.wildow@coxinc.com.

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