Former worker sues Fuyao for unpaid OT, wages

A former Fuyao Glass America employee is suing Fuyao on behalf of herself and other similarly situated people, seeking class-action status for what the lawsuit alleges is unpaid wages and overtime.

The lawsuit was filed by Julia Staggs in federal court in Dayton. Staggs worked at Fuyao, which employs about 2,000 people in Moraine, from September to December 2016, according to the suit.

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Staggs charges that she worked overtime at Fuyao without being paid a time-and-a-half wage for that overtime work. She contends also that she and others were not completely relieved of duties for a meal break and more.

During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend last year, the suit claims, Fuyao “promised” to pay Staggs and about 100 other employees time-and-one-half wages for all hours worked that weekend, as an enticement to get those employees to work extra hours.

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“Defendant (Fuyao) has failed to pay plaintiff and approximately 100 other similarly situated employees time and one half of their regular rates of pay for all hours they worked,” the suit charges. Instead, employees received a $50 gift card, the suit says.

The lawsuit seeks class action status for herself and all current and former hourly Fuyao production employees.

A spokeswoman for Fuyao declined to comment.

Staff Writer Mark Gokavi contributed to this story.

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