Fuyao institutes new pay structure for workers

Fuyao Glass America operates in the form General Motors Moraine Assembly Plant. TY GREENLEES / STAFF
Fuyao Glass America operates in the form General Motors Moraine Assembly Plant. TY GREENLEES / STAFF

Fuyao Glass America Inc. says it is instituting a new pay regimen for employees at its Moraine plant that will result in “pay increases more often and additional pay levels.”

“By listening to the input of its production associates, (Fuyao’s) leadership has developed a new plan that will more frequently increase hourly employees’ pay, provide additional levels of pay, clarify transfers between job categories and clarify pay caps,” the auto glass producer said in a statement released Thursday. “New plan changes will be reflected on employees’ paychecks beginning May 4, 2018.”

The company is also celebrating the first anniversary of its “master trainer program,” which serves to “nurture individual professional advancement,” it said. So far, 180 employees have applied for the program, 63 have graduated and 45 are enrolled.

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The training program is offered for multiple positions, including ring installer, layup, furnace operator, print operator, gluer, master control and other jobs. Trainees and trainers receive bonuses of $100 to $200 upon trainees’ graduation.

A company spokeswoman said pay levels depend on the job and the length of time an employee holds that job.

For most production workers, entry-level pay during a probationary period is $14 an hour and rises to $14.84 after 90 days. Some positions that require technical skills offer higher starting wages.

Overall, the spokeswoman said, the new pay structure will provide pay increases more often and additional pay levels.

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Last year, in the midst of a representation campaign waged by the United Auto Workers union, Fuyao gave all Moraine workers a $2 hourly pay raise. Workers voted against forming a UAW local 2-1 in an election last November.

Fuyao has about 2,300 employees at its Moraine plant, which it says is the world’s largest factory dedicated to making automotive safety glass for both automakers and the after-purchase market.