Honda files for $15M Anna engine ‘plant expansion’

Honda of America has filed a building permit application for a $15 million expansion at its Anna engine plant.

The reason given for the permit, filed for the 12500 Meranda Road factory, is “plant expansion,” records show.

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The value of the expansion is given as $15 million, according to Shelby County building permit records.

The date of the application is May 24. The size of the facility is 74,374 square feet, records show.

However, a company spokeswoman Monday said she could answer no questions about the project.

"We're always planning for the future and working to strengthen our manufacturing characteristics," said Caroline Ramsey, manager of government and industry relations at Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc.

Located an hour’s drive north of Dayton, the Anna plant has operated since 1985, growing from 100 workers into what Honda says is its second largest Ohio operation, employing more than 2,800 people.

The plant annually produces more than 1 million four-cylinder, V-6 and turbo engines for Honda auto plants across North America. In addition, the plant also produces pulleys for Continuously Variable Transmissions used in the Honda Accord and CR-V.

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