JCPenney lays off more than 100 workers in Ohio

Chain retailer JC Penney is laying off more than 100 workers in Ohio as it permanently closes one of its stores.

The retailer sent a WARN notice to the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services alerting them that 117 workers will lose their jobs permanently by the end of July. JC Penney Corp. intends to close its retail store located in the Richmond Town Square at 701 Richmond Road in Richmond Heights.

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The store will close on July 31. The company anticipates that a few associates will be offered employment at other retail locations, though none of the employees are represented by a union and do not have bumping rights.

Richmond Heights is located in Cuyahoga County near Cleveland. The retailer announced earlier this year that it would close 138 stores, including four in Ohio.

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The store nearest to Dayton on the closing list is located in St. Mary’s Square shopping center in St. Mary’s. The struggling department store retailer also plans to close stores in Ohio at New Towne Mall in New Philadelphia; Richmond Town Square in Richmond Heights; and Findlay Village Mall in Findlay.

About 5,000 workers will lose their jobs. JC Penney will continue to operate almost 900 stores. Liquidation sales began on May 22.

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