“I just think I can’t live without a newspaper”

For Mrs. Les Fisher — who has subscribed to the Dayton Daily News since she and her husband moved to Clayton in 1946 - the newspaper begins her days.

The paper, she said recently, gives her a chance to see what’s happening in the world and at home. Longtime columnists became familiar friends and sources of pleasure and inspiration — writers like Roz Young, Erma Bombeck, Dale Huffman and D. L. Stewart.

Those writers “provided a voice I relate to,” Fisher said.

The paper provides reliable answers to regular questions, she said: “What is happening? Check the paper. What’s the weather forecast? Check the paper. Did the Reds win? Check the paper.”

“I just think I can’t live without a newspaper,” she said. “I think I like it more than a TV.”

Daily newspapers have long been a part of her and her family’s lives. Her father was a longtime subscriber to the Denver Post.

Now 99.5 years old, Fisher well remembers when her in-laws took the Dayton Daily, and there were in fact two daily papers published in the Dayton area, the Dayton Daily News, which was delivered to customers in the afternoon, and the Journal Herald, delivered in the morning.

“I am still taking it,” she said in an interview.

What is happening? Check the paper.

Lifelong Subscribers

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