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Kroger exec talks about future of giant grocery chain

Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods has waged a full-out war between grocers — signifying an upcoming transformation of the grocery shopping game in major markets across the U.S., including the Southwest Ohio region.

The Dayton Daily News asked Tim Brown, president of Kroger’s Cincinnati/Dayton division, what local customers can expect from Kroger as the grocery industry continues to evolve. Here’s what Brown had to say about Kroger’s future:

Does Kroger have any stores openings or store renovations planned for Dayton, Springfield and Northern Cincinnati?

We opened new stores in Centerville and Fairborn in 2017 that fall into the Dayton operating area, and are currently remodeling store 758-Waynetown.

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Kroger is opening a store in downtown Cincinnati. Is there a shift back to opening stores in urban settings, and could there be a possibility of opening a store in downtown Dayton?

We do not currently have a store project in downtown Dayton but are continuously evaluating our markets to look for new opportunities. We will continue to invest in Dayton which is an important component of our division.

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