Layoffs include company president

Defense spending cuts prompt Greentree to lay off 20 of 100 workers.

BEAVERCREEK — Defense contractor The Greentree Group is laying off 20 percent of its workforce, including president and chief operating officer Everett G. Odgers.

The retired Air Force major general was a former comptroller at the Air Force Materiel Command headquarters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Travis Greenwood, chief executive officer, said the layoffs were prompted by cuts in federal defense spending, including a halt to a troubled Air Force computer modernization project that had generated work for Greentree.

In September, the Air Force halted the Expeditionary Combat Support System project because of delays and escalating costs. The project had been run by prime contractor Computer Sciences Corp. from Beavercreek.

The Air Force plans to present a report to Congress in August on how to correct the problems and restart the project, on which $1 billion has been spent.

The Greentree Group is laying off 20 of its approximately 100 employees, all at the Beavercreek headquarters.

Greentree Group, which also serves corporate and state government customers with information technology and technical support services, had to reduce its management. “It’s a tumultuous time for the federal government,” said Greenwood, whose father, Samuel Greenwood, founded the company in 1993.

“Unfortunately, that means that companies like Greentree will have to learn to do more with less,” he said.

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