LEAD IN WATER: Dayton Daily News wants to hear from you

A new law is forcing Ohio communities to identify how many lead pipes are present in their water systems.

The Dayton Daily News has reviewed hundreds of public records to analyze the water systems in nine local counties, and will release its investigation this Sunday. This newspaper takes a look at the thousands of counties, cities, schools and businesses that have aging water infrastructure issues.

This news organization wants to hear from its readers about their experiences with pipe replacements in their communities. Questions include:

• Has the water main been replaced on your street? If so, how did your water utility communicate the project to you?

• Has a water provider asked you to test your home for lead in the water? Can you tell this newspaper about that experience?

• Has your child ever been tested for lead poisoning? Do you know a child who has been identified as having elevated blood lead levels?

• Do you wish your water utility provided more information about the state of the water infrastructure near your home, business or child’s school?

Tell us your story:

You can contact reporter Kara Driscoll by phone at 937-225-0551 or email her at kara.driscoll@coxinc.com


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