Local thrift store closing at end of the month

A long-running area thrift shop will shut its doors for good at the end of the month.

The St. James United Methodist Church thrift shop at 11 South Main St. in Miamisburg will close Nov. 30, said Joellyn Bashford, 72, who manages the store for the church with her husband.

Over the 61 years the thrift store has been operating in Miamisburg, Bashford said it has donated the proceeds to Helping Hands at the local food pantry, helped schools provide items to students to further education, helped social workers find homes for children, offered a scholarship for the local preschool, given funds to St. Vincent de Paul, helped first-time teachers by classroom materials and provided community meals.

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The thrift shop also sponsors a local family every year, buying Christmas presents and a food supply for a week, Bashford said.

“We have kind of like a fragile church given that a lot of the members are older,” she said. “The average age is probably in the 70s. It’s just harder and harder finding volunteers to work.”

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The thrift store has also had a difficult time finding a new location with cheap enough rent to have any money leftover for the community, she said. Ron’s Pizza next door to the thrift shop bought the building last year and will be expanding into the space, she said.

“We’re trying our best to go out on a good note. I know our people are very sad. Our customers love coming in there, socializing, finding good deals,” Bashford said.

All clothing is currently 50% off. No more donations are being accepted.


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