Marxent inks partnership with Detroit-based manufacturer

A virtual and immersive-reality company based in Miami Twp. is announcing a partnership with a Detroit-based lighting manufacturer.

Marxent Tuesday announced a content partnership with Detroit-based Regina Andrew. The first lighting manufacturer to syndicate products through Marxent’s “3D Cloud,” Regina Andrew will provide 500 high-end lighting and decor product SKUs — or stock-keeping units — to retailers through the cloud content network, as Marxent described the partnership.

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Product SKUs represent products themselves. So 500 SKUs represent 500 individual products being added to a content network.

The network is designed to reduce the cost of 3D content creation for retailers while expanding the number of 3D SKUs available to them, Marxent said in a new release. Retailers on the platform will be able to add Regina Andrew products to white-label applications such as the Marxent “3D Room Planner” for e-commerce, 360-degree product spins for product detail pages and augmented reality products

“Designed to level the playing field between traditional retailers and e-commerce giants like Wayfair and Amazon, the 3D Cloud content network gives retailers access to a collection of products provided by furniture and home decor manufacturers,” Marxent said. “This reduces overall 3D content costs for retailers while expanding the available 3D content library.”

The syndication network is open to any manufacturer of home decor that is able to provide content to spec or order 3D content from Marxent, the local company said. That content is then made available to any retailer with a Marxent 3D Cloud subscription, with the 3D models automatically distributed to the retailer’s white-label 3D room planner or website.

“As a manufacturer, we want to support our retail and designer partners,” James Andrew, chief executive and co-founder of Regina Andrew, said in Marxent’s release. “We are always seeking powerful new ways to distribute our content. Marxent delivers cutting edge visualization solutions, their 3D Cloud content network simplifies asset sharing across multiple retailers and we are excited to be an early adopter.”

“It’s exciting to watch Regina Andrew innovating the relationship between manufacturers and their retail partners,” said Beck Besecker, Marxent CEO and co-founder. “They’re not afraid to lead, and we know their partners are going to love having easy access to Regina Andrew products in their own applications.”

Regina Andrew’s 3D content will be available to all new and existing Marxent 3D Cloud subscribers in the first quarter of 2020, following an initial rollout to Macy’s mobile augmented reality app and IRL 3D room planner application.

Based at Austin Landing and with offices in Florida, Marxent was founded by a pair of Kettering natives. The company creates virtual- and augmented reality marketing and business tools

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