Miamisburg’s Aeroseal partners with global real estate management firm

Aeroseal, a Miamisburg-based company that provides air sealing and HVAC optimization solutions, is partnering with CREF, a real estate and facilities management firm.

Aeroseal will provide its services to health care, education, and general commercial buildings managed by CREF across the world to help cut energy costs and improve sustainability, the company said.

“We’re proud to partner with Aeroseal in improving indoor air quality while lowering the costs of energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions—priorities we seek to achieve for all our clients in every building we work on,” CREF Client Executive Josh Patterson said in a statement “Patients and their families will immediately feel and see the difference in their hospital experience, and that’s the kind of meaningful problem-solving that CREF brings to every project.”

Aeroseal will begin with CREF-managed healthcare facilities. CREF and Aeroseal aim to make healthcare facilities safer, more comfortable, and cost-effective, the company said in a release.

“The combination of Aeroseal’s ventilation expertise and CREF’s knowledge of working in acute care facilities makes for simple, low-risk projects that bring immediate benefit to health facilities. Health care is a complex landscape,” Guy Colglazier, vice president and general manager of Aeroseal’s commercial division, said in a statement. “We are pleased our partnership brings a quick yet meaningful win for CREF’s clients.”

Aeroseal was founded in 1997 by Mark Modera, the technology’s inventor. Carrier purchased the company from him in 2001 and current CEO Amit Gupta purchased the company in 2010, leaving his job at Carrier to do so.

Aeroseal’s employees “serve contractors and builders who are sealing ducts and walls around the globe in everything from homes, hospitals, and schools to government facilities, hotels, and offices,” according to the company’s website.

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