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Woodworking business buys Mound site for $588K


A woodworking company has bought an industrial building at the Mound Business Park, the park said Wednesday after an inquiry from this news outlet.

The Woodworking Shop, LLC has operated at 1195 Mound Road at Mound Business Park since 2015.

It just bought the building for $588,382, local property records showed recently.

“We initially chose this location because the space was available, it fit our needs and it provides a good, central location,” Mark Sams, Woodworking Shop’s founder, said in a statement released Wednesday by Mound Business Park.

The Woodworking Shop makes custom cabinetry for commercial and residential customers in Columbus, Toledo, Akron, Lexington, Indianapolis and elsewhere. It has 12 employees.

Mound Development Corp. sold the building to TWS Properties LLC in a transaction recorded last week, records say.

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Sams, of Franklin, registered TWS Properties with the state in March. Sams founded cabinet-maker The Woodworking Shop in 2001.

A message was left for Sams at The Woodworking Shop Wednesday morning.

The 300-plus-acre Mound complex began life as as federal research and development facility for nuclear weapons components.

The U.S. Department of Energy gradually shut the complex down beginning in the early 1990s. Today, it operates as a business park for businesses and organizations that value private, secure locations in durable structures.