New jewelry business opens in downtown New Carlisle

Amy Hamilton, owner of One Four 925, works on a ring in the work area of her New Carlisle store Monday. Bill Lackey/Staff

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Amy Hamilton, owner of One Four 925, works on a ring in the work area of her New Carlisle store Monday. Bill Lackey/Staff

Amy Hamilton of Englewood has brought her jewelry business, One Four 925, to the Main Street of New Carlisle.

Hamilton began creating rings almost four years ago when she became bored one winter and wanted to try something new. So she thought she’d try crafting rings.

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She began with simple wrap wrings and grew her abilities from there. When she heard about a festival in Englewood, Hamilton decided to set up a booth and was surprised by how well she did. And from there, her business grew.

After working festivals, Hamilton decided to open up a shop in New Carlisle because it was central to all the areas she served. She opened the store on June 3.

One Four 925 is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday through Saturday and is located at 412 N. Main St., Suite 5, in New Carlisle.

Before putting all her time into jewelry, Hamilton worked for 30 years in dentistry and said that in an odd way, those skills helped her when she transitioned to making jewelry.

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“I guess you could kind of say that I did artwork in the mouth,” Hamilton said, explaining that once she got her expanded duties, she was able to place fillings. “At the state board exam, they drilled that you have to know the anatomy of the tooth, and they want that tooth to look like a tooth when you’re done with that filling.”

When it comes to the designs she creates, Hamilton doesn’t sketch them out, but works from the image she creates in her mind.

“And then there’s some pieces I have in mind what I want it to look like and it comes out totally different, and I’ll like that, too,” she said.

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The name One Four 925 isn’t just a string of numbers, it has a unique meaning behind it.

“One Four 925 stands for gold (14) and silver (925),” Hamilton explained. “We use numbers every day so I thought it would be easy for one to remember.”

In the future, Hamilton hopes to learn how to cast rings, which would allow her to expand the designs she offers.

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