937 filling up: New phone area code coming to our area

This is what telephones used to look like: Studio shot of an old rotary phone. FILE

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This is what telephones used to look like: Studio shot of an old rotary phone. FILE

Get ready for a new telephone area code in Southwestern Ohio.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio today approved a plan to overlay a new area code over the existing 937 area code area.

Instead of dividing the existing 937 code geographic area, the “overlay” approach will allow the new code to go to new subscribers or new phone lines.

The 937 area code is expected to run out of available phone numbers in the third quarter of 2020, the PUCO said. All current 937 area code subscribers will continue to maintain their current numbers and 937 area code.


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The new number will affect new phone subscribers, and those trying to contact them.

“While we are still years away from the projected exhaust date, it’s important for the telecom industry to begin planning now so that the roll out of a new area code can go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, just like previous area code additions,” PUCO Chairman Asim Z. Haque said in a statement.

The PUCO directed the telecommunications industry to file an implementation and communications plan. The plans should indicate when the overlay will happen and how companies will notify customers of the change.

On implementation of the new code, all new phone subscribers will be assigned the new yet-to-be-determined area code.

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Plus, all local calls will require dialing the full 10-digit phone number in order to complete local calls.

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator will assign the new, yet-to-be-determined area code to co-exist with the existing geographical boundaries of the 937 area code.

A copy of today's PUCO finding and order is available at www.PUCO.ohio.gov, click on the link to Docketing Information System and enter the case number 17-2329-TP-COI.

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