5 new things learned about United Airlines passenger incident

An attorney for David Dao, the man ripped off a United Airlines flight earlier this week, said his client sustained a "severe concussion" and several other injuries from the incident.

Attorneys from Chicago-based firm Corboy & Demetrio hosted a news conference on Thursday morning, where they announced it was possible they would file a lawsuit.

United Airlines has been under fire after several videos went viral of Dao being forcibly removed from his flight from Chicago to Louisville. The 69-year-old man is a doctor from Kentucky, and was forced from the plane to make room for four employees who needed to take the flight.

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When he refused to leave the plane, two officers dragged the man down the aisle of the plane by his arms. Videos and photos showed the man bloodied from the altercation.

Here are five things learned from the news conference:

1. Dao sustained multiple injuries including a broken nose, a significant concussion and also lost two front teeth. He will undergo reconstructive surgery, and his care is ongoing, according to his legal team.

2. Attorney Thomas Demetrio of Corboy & Demetrio is representing Dao's interests. He said that United Airlines has a history of "bullying" passengers, and said passengers cannot be ejected from an aircraft under force or violence.

3. The lawyer also said he did not believe the incident was fueled by racism. He also said people had emailed the lawyer, likening Dao to a "modern-day Rosa Parks."

“I think what happened to Dr. Dao could have happened to any one of us,” Demetrio said.

4. Crystal Dao Pepper, Dao's daughter, said she and her family were horrified and shocked by the incident. "What happened to my dad should never happen to any human being regardless of circumstance," she also said.

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5. Dao did filed an emergency bill of discovery in the Circuit Court of Cook County's Chancery Division on Wednesday, requesting surveillance videos and other information like cockpit voice recordings and a list of passengers on the flight. Demetrio also said, "Will there be a lawsuit? Probably."


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