Pipeline for Dayton jobs expected to be strong in 2018

The year coming to an end was a strong one for capital investment and salaries in business projects, according to Dayton Development Coalition President and Chief Executive Jeff Hoagland.

As of mid-December, the coalition was involved in 34 new projects in 2017 that created more than 2,050 jobs, according to the coalition’s year-to-date numbers. Nearly 10,000 jobs were also retained, the coalition says.

The total payroll from the region’s newly created jobs was $649.1 million, according to the coalition, while capital investment totaled nearly $1 billion.

“The trends that we’ve seen in our pipeline look to be strong for ‘18, as well,” Hoagland said.

We spoke with Hoagland recently about development in 2017 and what he sees ahead for 2018. HERE'S WHAT HE SAID.

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