Report: Biosciences thrive in Dayton and Ohio

More than 75,000 employees in Ohio — the highest on record — work at 3,186 bioscience-related companies and organizations, according to a just-released report.

GROWTH IN OHIOScience and health booming in Ohio thanks to area companies

These employees are working in manufacturing, services and research at 3,994 facilities in Ohio, generating $5.68 billion of payroll at an average annual salary of $75,640, according to the report from Bio Ohio, an organization that seeks to strengthen Ohio’s bio-science industries.

In Southwest Ohio, there were 13,818 bio-science employees working in 634 locations, earning an average salary of $77,348 and an annual payroll of $1.07 billion in 2015, the report said.

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In 2016 in Southwest Ohio, there were 1,273 projected new jobs and an announced $79 million in new investment, Bio Ohio said.

Expansion of these industries is happening at a rapid pace across Ohio: With more than 9,000 projected new jobs and over $1 billion in capital investment from 2015 through 2017, the report said.

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The Southwest Ohio employment figure is up from 13,025 in 2014,

Ohio bioscience firms range from Abbott Labs, NuVasive and Midmark in the Dayton area, and start-ups such as P&C Pharma in Washington Twp. and Ascend Innovations in Dayton. 

Ohio bioscience companies attracted over $2.17 billion in funding in 2016 from sources including venture capital, exits, angel investment, federal research grants, and state initiatives such as the Ohio Third Frontier.

Bio-science education in Ohio is represented by 10,179 bioscience-related degrees and certificates awarded to students in 2015 at 102 public and private schools, the report found.

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