Teradata CEO makes 137 times as much as his employee median

The median pay of Teradata Corp. employees for the 2017 fiscal year was $77,565, according to the company’s new proxy statement.

Victor Lund, president and chief executive of Teradata, makes 137 times that much, the statement also said.

Big data company Teradata, which has administrative offices in Miami Twp., revealed the CEO-employee pay ratio in its proxy statement, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission this week.

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Publicly-traded U.S. companies like Teradata are required to pull back the curtain on the pay difference between top executives and their workers. Sometimes those pay differences can be quite stark. AT&T’s workers saw a median salary of $78,437 last year, and Randall Stephenson, that company’s CEO, earned 366 times as much as his employees, the Dallas Morning News recently reported.

The pay ratio disclosure requirement is one of the transparency measures embedded in the post-financial crisis Dodd-Frank legislation in 2010.

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Lund received a total annual compensation of $10,604,646 in fiscal 2017, Teradata’s filing said.

“The ratio of the annual total compensation of our CEO to the median of the annual total compensation of all other employees was estimated to be 137 to 1,” its proxy says.

To determine total cash compensation, the local company used the sum of base wages and annual incentives payable in cash, Teradata said.

The company said it had total shareholder return of almost 42 percent last year,

Teradata has said it has about 400 Dayton-area employees.

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